Call recording working?

Hi all,

I think I’ve got call recording (always record inbound calls) set up properly, but I’ve no clue where to find the recordings. I found the following in the logs, would this be why there’s no recordings?

[2014-08-09 15:10:08] NOTICE[5168][C-00000008] channel.c: Dropping incompatible voice frame on SIP/ of format ulaw since our native format has changed to (alaw)

Thanks for looking

To add a bit of meat to this, I seem to be able to set call recording in Call Recording, Extensions & Inbound Routes, should I set it in all of these or what?

Ok, sorry to keep answering my own post, but I think I’ve got it working. There’s now a file sitting in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor, the trouble is, I’ve no idea how to access it (voicemail is empty)

Cdr reports or call monitor in ARI

CDR Reports doesn’t show any indication that there’s a recording waiting from any call

I am having limited success, I found something called User Portal which does show my 1st recording, which was done in alaw format and can’t be played, I’ve since changed it to .wav (should it be .WAV?) and although a fresh recording is listed in the monitor folder, it’s not listed in the User Portal > Call Monitor

Actually when I used the FreePBX 9 - i could access the recordings.
But in FreePBX 11 I couldn’t find them.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve since found it was Chrome that was the problem, I can access recordings in IE & Firefox (which I’ve now switched to)

What version of FreePBX do you use?