Call Recording, what am I missing?

So I have a customer that wants to do call recording. It’s been some time since I messed with it and as I dink with it on my dev system I find I cannot get it to record. I put a forced call recording policy in place on my extension and even the trunk with no success. I tried just to force it on the extension and still nothing when I make an outbound call.

I must be missing something strikingly simple. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Using FreePBX 12 on my dev system.

It’s been a long time (and several versions) since I messed with this, but isn’t there a “userfield” type thing you have to turn on in the ???Mysql.conf??? file? Of course, that could also be something else (I think I used the userfield to track phone numbers for call so I could more easily find the calls later).

As far as recording goes, did you actually check in the /*/spool/asterisk/monitor/ directory to see if the recordings are getting made? It seems to me there’s an “issue” with using a different encoding mechanism (wav vs WAV, maybe?) that makes it so that you can or can’t see the recordings on the CDR interface.

I’m sorry for being so vague, but I don’t deal with recordings a lot, so this stuff is just what I remember from watching from the sidelines.

Thank you for replying. I did actually check in the monitor directory thinking like you maybe they were just now showing in the GUI but it was empty.

Next step would be the logs then - check to see if the unique ID is getting set and follow the money from there to see if the recording status from there.

I experienced something similar, does this thread help:

Thank you that helped to some degree. I DID get it to record but it seems to ONLY do so if I set it at the outbound route. So doing it on the extension and the trunk failed. Thanks for the help!