Call Recording & Time

Hi Everyone,

We are using the built in FreePBX recording to record our calls.

The issue that we have is that it does not record the inbound IVR message, only from when the agent answers the call.

The issue is that the time reported is the time the call was initiated, but the recording itself starts 30 seconds later.

Is there a way to adjust this behaviour, or to record the entire call from initiation and not just from when the call is answered by the agent?


Not really. The call initiation time is when the recoding options tell it to start. There are several options (IIRC) that control when the actual call recording starts getting dropped onto disk, most of which are buried in the Asterisk code.

Most people (in general) do not want the first 30 seconds (or so) of a call because they don’t want to listen to the system nattering away, or dial tones, or any of the other stuff that happens before the call connects. With that in mind, your request kind of flies in the face of generally accepted practice. IN the systems that I’ve installed, the customer only wants to part after where the customer gets connected to the call. Anything before that is just waste of drive space and noise.

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