Call Recording Reports - Permissions

For the Call Recording Reports module, can it work with groups? We have users from different departments that we would like to be able to listen and download their calls, but we do not want them to be able to listen and download other departments calls.

Does anyone have the module and can confirm you can permission by user group?

Another question I had was we have several freepbx boxes, I want to improve ease of use and simplify authentication management for the call recording reviewers. Would I be able to FTP the recordings from all the other servers into the recording folder of one “review” freepbx server, and that servers call recording report will pick up the moved recordings? Or is there something more at play with the CDRs that would prevent that?

Hi Mahbell

CR reports is all or nothing. Once an administrator has logged in, with CR reports they have access to all recordings on the system regardless of which extension created them. UCP allows a single user to have access to their own call recordings, and you can grant access to a user to see other user’s recordings, but they are not neatly centralized like in CR Reports.

To the second question, I believe that actually will work provided the files are stored in the same folder structure. This is not something I’ve actually tested, nor would it be officially supported.

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Bummer, I wonder if that could be built in via group permission in the future sometime. Thanks!

Anyone know of any software that would do this?. You can see recordings on CDR. Is it the same as call recording reports? All or nothing?

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