Call Recording Reports does not show all inbound records


In Call Recording Reports is no all incoming records. In CDR Reports all recording is present but not in Call Recording Reports.
I have 2 SIP trunks, one is from SIP provider, second is for local gsm gateway. Both trunks have DIDs and Force Call recording is set on Inbound Routes. In Call Recording Reports I see inbound recording that come from SIP provider but not from my GSM gateway. But in CDR reports I see inbound recording from my GSM gateway!!

Any hints?


Another weird thing with Call Recording Reports - When I press play for an existing recording I get the message “File does not exist”. Of course under the CDR Reports the recording works. This is a bug or I do something wrong?

Is your PBX and it’s modules up to date?

Everything is up to date (FreePBX, Call Recording 14.0.11)

In the meantime, I discovered that under Call Recording Reports can listen only today’s recordings. For recordings from previous days I get “File does not exist”

Fyi, if you don’t pay for the maintenance fee, you won’t get updates.

If you are up to date, then you’d need to contact Support

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