Call Recording Report not showing all results

My call recording report module is not showing all available results. It shows that a day is available to pick from the drop down list but when I go to the day it says “no matching records found”. Some days work fine but not others.

Call Recording Report version:
PBX Firmware: 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
Asterisk version: 13.27.1

do you enable the call recording?

Yes some days show results.

And I forgot to mention that if I ssh into the box the recordings are there for all days it’s just only some of them show up in the GUI.

The Unique IDs need to be in the records associated with the recordings. If they aren’t, your report will not show the records.

Can you give me more information on how to check this and correct the problem if they are not there?

In the database asteriskcdrdb, there’s a table called ‘cdr’. From that server, log in using ‘mysql -u root asteriskcdrdb’ and select the records that coorespond to the dates and times you are looking for.
Check to make sure the unique IDs are getting set.

If some are there and some aren’t, there are per extensions settings for making recordings. There are also “on call” sequences that turn recording on and off. Finally, if your users are using UCP, they could be deleting the recordings from UCP.

There are lots of places where recordings can go wrong. If you can look through the logs, you can verify that the recordings were created in the first place. If they are, but they aren’t getting logged in the cdr records, there’s something going on. The rest is just detective work and guessing.

Looking at the table I can see the recordings and I can see they all have a unique id set.

The recordings are made on-demand when necessary with a key assigned on their phones.

The do not use UCP, the manager has a userid to login that gives him access to the call recording report page only so that he can view the recordings.

Also, they always show up fine when I ssh in anytime he asks me for recordings he can’t find so I don’t think he is deleting them.

If he’s using UCP to access the report, submit a ticket with as much detail as you can muster using the links at the top of the page. Submit it against the commercial software.

If he’s using one of the other reports (like the CDR report from the Dashboard) then you can look at the code (it’s all PHP code in /var/www/html/admin/…) and see if there’s some condition that’s keeping the report from catching the Unique IDs correctly.

This thread is off in the rhubarb. This is the Commercial Modules category, and OP has enquired about Call Recording Reports, a commercial module. If you think you see a bug in a commercial module, the first and last stop in the process is to open a support ticket.

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Thank you, support ticket opened.

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