Call Recording Problem

Hi I have installed the free pbx distro 64bit current stable version (Stable-1.1009.210.62) and I have setup one SIP trunk, default dial pattern (X.) and I can make and receive calls.

In call monitor I am able to see a log of the calls made/received.

However if I go into the extension and enable recording options to Always, I can no longer make a call to an external number (internal call not tested due to only having 1 extension connected at the time of testing) incoming calls do come through but the call is then not listed in call monitor under the extension so no recording shows up.

No other alterations have been made.

I also followed instructions to try On demand recording using *1 which also did not work and I reverted the settings changed.

Something I have noticed is that Call Recording does not show up under Application as has done previously using a different distro with freepbx and it also does not show in the Module Admin either as Installed or available to install. I was unsure whether this is because it is perhaps integrated rather than being seen as an Application so excuse my ignorance on this but I thought it worth noting.

If any further detail is needed please let me know. Any pointers greatly appreciated.