Call Recording Pro Module - Feedback/Suggestion

While I like the use of the recently purchased Call Recording Pro module, one thing that I would like to really see is the ability to assign specific users to specific calls.

Multiple queues, each queue has a manager assigned to it.

It would be nice to grant Manager A access to the call recording module for queues 1001, 2001 and 5001 and no access to other queues.

Then, in addition to that, it would be nice to assign manager B to queues 3001 and 4001 only.

And then Manager C access to only queue 4001.

Of course, this is getting in to the nuts and botls of permissions settings and that type of thing, but I feel that it would be a valuable addition to this particular module.

Perhaps it could be something that is assigned by way of the Administrator panel (with a few extra clicks for specific queue recording access) or as a part of the new “User Management” that is coming up in the next Asterisk 12.0 release…

Thoughts on this matter?
Anyone want to take a gander at how it could be done?



“User Management” is a module that is in 2.11 and 12 (Note FreePBX not Asterisk, there is a difference).

User Control Panel or UCP is what you are perhaps thinking of.

Could be one area to add the functionality… sure. Semantics.

However, another place to limit the functionality could also be within the FreePBX Administrator panel… and, it would probably make more sense to have the ability to grant access to specific parts here, within FreepBX.

Any chance that this could be done? (easily)