Call Recording Policy

Good day to all of you.

I really need some help with call recording policies. We have upgraded our Freepbx version to 12.0.65 so that we can have a a more defined recording policy.

I read through the wiki on how the call policy for Force, Yes, Don’t Care, No, Never works. I implemented a rule wherein an Inbound route recording policy is set to Don’t Care and the destination extension is set to Yes. The recording extension transfer the to an extension with call recording set to Never, the recording doesn’t stop. I tried to play around the call recording policy values but not sure if 0 has the highest priority or 20. Please help if I have missed something.

Thank you so much.


I tried playing with the settings on the extensions and inbound routes but the problem still exist. Will Mixmonitor cause this behavior?

Please help, if there are details that I need to post, please let me know.

Please help, if there is any info you need, please let me know.