Call Recording opt-in/opt-out

I have a QUEUE where I’d like to perform call recording. However I’d like to play a message like;

This call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes, blah blah. If you do not wish to be recording please press 1.

or similar but perhaps with an opt-in and/or opt-out option.

If the user presses 1 the call should still go into the same queue (for simplicity and reporting) but respect the users choice for recording. I don’t see this presented as a feature anywhere. 3CX I believe has some defined functionality around this opt-in/opt-out call recording workflow for legal purposes.

I suspect that you can “build” a workflow to accomplish this with the use of modules like call flow control, call recording, IVR, and queues/virtual queues. But I’m struggling on how to best design it. Note that calls can “enter” the queue via various inbound routes and IVR menus (even over an IAX trunk from another PBX).

Does anyone have any ideas?

The call recording module also says this;

Call Recordings provide the ability to force a call to be recorded or not recorded based on a call flow and override all other recording settings. If a call is to be recorded, it can start immediately which will incorporate any announcements, hold music, etc. prior to being answered, or it can have recording start at the time that call is answered.

I’m curious how you control the “record immediately” vs “record at time call is answered”.

Neat feature, I did not know this existed. After taking a quick look, if it were me:

  • Build a queue that “doesn’t care” on recordings.
  • Build a call recording that sets call recording to “Yes”, then sends to the queue as a destination.
  • Build an IVR that has two options.
    * For the yes option, send it to the call recording destination, which will send it to the queue.
    * For the no option, send it straight to the queue.

Not sure how to toggle between call answered and everything. It looks like by using this module you are electing to record “everything”. I haven’t used this before, but maybe the Wikis will help? You could also test to get a bit more definitive.

Thanks for the reply! So in this case, any place that I currently send calls to the Queue I’d instead send it to this IVR with 2 options (opt-in/opt-out).

That sounds right.

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