Call recording on specific outbound calls


How could I implement a function, that records all calls to specific numbers without user interaction?

What I want is, a user calls a number starting with for example 0800 and / 0900, the call should automatically be recorded.

Could you please give me a hint on how to do that?

Thanks a lot!


Look at the per-extension setting (esp with FBX 2.10, you can set specifically for just outbound PSTN calls etc)

Thanks for your reply!

I regret to say, that your suggestion won’t work for me. I don’t want to do “per extension recording” on all PSTN calls. I need a feature that allows me to record all calls (from whatever extension) to specific numbers (for example all numbers starting with 0800*********) but nothing else.

Unfortunately there is no feature to enable call recording on the outbound routes module. If there would be, I could specify an outbound route matching specific dial patterns and enable call recording.

Is there a way to implement such a behavior?

I believe you can do this.

There’s a macro called [macro-dialout-trunk-pre-hook] where any outbound call will hit this macro (if defined).

So in that case, you can write a condition if ${EXTEN:4}=0800 …start MIXMONITOR …

Here’s a reference for mixmonitor


i also need the same functionality. have you tried adding mix monitor? if so any feedback? or any other solution?