Call Recording Not Working

I’ve setup a FXS extension and set Record Incoming and Record Outgoing to “Always”.

Clicked the Apply button and made a few test calls from the said extension.

Then I looked for the recordings on /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. But there was none.

The Call Monitor feature is simply not working.

I have watched asterisk when I place the calls. At certain point is says “recordingcheck|20080424-161515|1209064503.5: No AMPUSER db entry for . Not recording”.

So it’s clear nothing is being recorded. But why? How to get * to record the calls?

My FreePBX version is

I’d really appreciate your feedback guys. =)

Seems like a bug on FreePBX or *, doesn’t it?

Just found out it’s recording IAX extensions with no issue.

But it won’t record my FXS extension no matter what.

What could be wrong?

Nobody have a clue?

*1 On demand recording doesnt work on inbound calls either, which is a royal pain for us. I have scoured the forums, and nobody can make it work. No one “in the know” at freepbx has responded.

fxs as in connected via the zaptel driver or a fxs to sop converter? You’ve provided very little detail which has is probably why.

As for the *1 not working if it is a fxs/ata device and it uses the * for something in it’s dialplan that would be why the on demand recording not working.

Details get answers, people spending time guessing things from one without means we’ll move on to others that we can help first.

I have a Sangoma card, model A200 with 4FXS + 4FXO.

It’s connected via zaptel driver. I have already talked to Sangoma support and they say everything is fine with my card and how it’s setup.

It’s might be either a configuration issue either on FreePBX or Asterisk, maybe even a bug…

Sorry I didn’t provide these details before. If more is need please let me know.

I have been strugling with this issue for quite some time and I was unable to solve it myself. Would really appreciate your thoughts.

Call recordings are saved by the user (aka extension) if the program is having a problem reading the database for that user/extension it will not know where to save the recording and thus not do it. It looks like you have a corruption someplace in one of the databases.

Can you provide OS, asterisk FreePBX version info please. If you used a distro to built your system please provide that also.

OS/Distro is Elastix 0.9.2


Hum, Elastic should have set the permissions correctly on build so probably not a permissions issue. Have you checked the Elastic site to see if this is a known issue with a known fix?

I don’t use Elastix to know it’s setup well enough to take anything but a guess.

If you crank up the logging and make a call what does the output say? Do you see a error when it attempts to record?

Post a call trace and we can look then.

Come on guys, you dont need to read the whole thing to reply.

The important part is this:

“No recording needed” because “No AMPUSER db entry for”

What does it mean? Corrupt DB maybe?

We only have 3 analog extensions that are not used for a lot from a analog conferancing phone so I didn’t have time to look until today.

But something in your config of the extension is not setup right. If you look at the 12th line of the trace you can see the issue.

So your line
– Executing [[email protected]:2] Set(“Zap/6-1”, “AMPUSER=”) in new stack

It should look more like this
– Executing [[email protected]:2] Set(“Zap/6-1”, “AMPUSER=xxx”) in new stack
where xxx is the extension number you defined for the extension attempting to make the call.

So without seeing your zap extension setup it’s hard to help you. But the error is pretty clear “No AMPUSER db entry for”. As in, it was blank so there was no DB entry.

You need to go back and take a look at how you created the extension and the fields that need input.

This is what one of mine looks like when we dial out it.

-- Executing NoOp("Zap/27-1", "user-callerid: device 410") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "AMPUSER=410") in new stack
-- Executing GotoIf("Zap/27-1", "0?report") in new stack
-- Executing ExecIf("Zap/27-1", "1|Set|REALCALLERIDNUM=410") in new stack
-- Executing NoOp("Zap/27-1", "REALCALLERIDNUM is 410") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "AMPUSER=410") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "AMPUSERCIDNAME=Hard hat") in new stack
-- Executing GotoIf("Zap/27-1", "0?report") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "AMPUSERCID=410") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "CALLERID(all)="Hard Hat" <410>") in new stack
-- Executing Set("Zap/27-1", "REALCALLERIDNUM=410") in new stack
-- Executing ExecIf("Zap/27-1", "0|Set|LANGUAGE()=") in new stack
-- Executing NoOp("Zap/27-1", "TTL:  ARG1: SKIPTTL") in new stack
-- Executing GotoIf("Zap/27-1", "1?continue") in new stack
-- Goto (macro-user-callerid,s,23)

I looked at zapata_additional.conf and that’s what I have for this extension:

[email protected]
callerid=device <502>

I don’t see anything wrong, do you?

How does your zapata_additional.conf look like?

I was starting to think my Freepbx version was bugged or something, but I haven then upgraded to the latest version and the problem persists.

I don’t see anything wrong either. Delete the extension apply the change, then add the extension back. It is possible that something in the database for the zap channel setup is just not correct. When you upgrade it keeps the old settings which maybe now need somethinf that is missing but since it existed it will not go in and fill in.

Just tried deleting, applying and re-creating the extension, as you said.

But still facing the problem

Who maintains AMPortal?

Is it Digium or Freepbx?

There seems to be a bug in Asterisk Management Portal…

I quick question. Do you have a voicemail box set up for the extension. I think I remember reading somewhere that was a requirement.

Finally got it working!!

Thanks everybody who replied.

Here’s how I fixed it:

I just had to define callerid inside zapata.conf for each zap extension, like this:

signalling = fxo_ks
callerid=“John” <502>
channel => 6

I think this is stupid since the extension number was already defined on the extension config page. I would appreciate some clarification as to why defining the extension number on freepbx is not enough for call recording to work with zap extension…

And another issue appeared. I can’t see the outgoing recorded call from PBX > Monitoring. It shows only the incoming calls. Please have a look on this screenshot:

Is it suposed to be this way?

as it will get lost here in the forum pages. Bug Tracker is located under documentation on the upper left hand side. That way it will be tracked and addressed properly.


Just reported it to the Bug Trancking:

Thank you fskrotzki.