Call Recording Module

I just setup a shiny new FreePBX 10.13.66 server via the distro. I purchased the Call Recordings module and made a few calls but nothing shows up in Call Recording under Reports. The year selection doesn’t even have the current year to select. If I look under the CDR reports, I can download call recordings there and if I login to the UCP for the user that I tested the calls with, I can play the recordings there. But no call recordings in the actual Call Recordings module.

I saw another post that suggested changing the recording format from wav to WAV and rebooting but that didn’t work. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

There is a bug on this in QA will be released tomorrow.

That did indeed fix the issue of the recordings not being displayed. However, there are now recording there that won’t play. When I push the play button, it spins for a moment then stops and doesn’t play any audio.

All of them or just some?

Actually, newer ones play. I had just changed the recording format back to wav instead of WAV and it may be recordings since I did that which are playing now. So it seems to be working properly. However, the date-time field shows “dateFormatter” for all recordings and the duration is way off. I just played one call which was 1:18 but the duration shows 0:07 and another that was 0:25 and the duration shows 0:02

WAV is a confusing format. it’s actually MP3. So it’s hard to convert around.

This is a bug and needs to be reported

Can’t say much about that. The duration comes from the file itself. The database can be the length of the entire leg of the call. I’ve yet to see it off by any amount.

After letting it go for a day and building up a decent number of call recordings, I discovered that only outgoing calls will play, incoming calls will not.

Please open a bug with support. You have support for that module for free for a year after you bought it