Call recording max duration/timeout

We’re experincing an issue with call recordings when either the call has exceeded a duration, or the caller has been waiting in a queue for longer than 30 minutes. A .wav recording file is still created for the call, but it’s left as a 44 byte file only containing metadata (i.e: RIFF$WAVEfmt) and nothing else.

Recordings for calls shorter in duration are recording absolutely fine, the recording options setup against each involved extension are the typical:

The fact that this seems to only be an issue on calls that exceed more or less exactly 1800seconds/30minutes suggests to me that there’s a potentially a max duration/timeout issue involved? But I cannot find anything that would seem to be related in the usual config places, or easily found in the freepbx wiki when searching with this kind of terminology.

Many thanks for any ideas or pointers in the right direction.

We’re on FreePBX 15.0.17, Asterisk 18.

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