Call Recording issues


I am having a problem with recorded calls on ARI. The problem is two-fold. Firstly i can login to http://PBX.IP/recordings using the admin user and password and see most recordings (icon on the side to listen). It’s just that sometimes recordings just dont appear for no apparent reason. I made sure callrecording is set to ‘always’ on all queues,ring groups and users. I can’t work out out why ‘sometimes’ it just doesn’t display the icon to listen to the recorded call.

The second issue is that i have a call centre configured on the freePBX with call queeus. When i log in to ARI with the Admin user/pass i can see the queue recordings but when a user logins to their personal call monitor they cannot see any recordings (since the call came in via the queue). IT seems to be recording queue calls but not linking them to user who answered. Any ideas?




I would like to rectify the above. Kindly ignore that some recordings do not appear. I seem to be getting confused because of the call queues.

The issue is that calls are recorded under the call queue but not under the individual users that answer the call. Is it possible to record under both?