Call recording, how not run out of space?

(Greece) #1

I activated call recording for all calls an have some quesions:
As I read the wav files are stored internally, this means that in some time I will run out of space. How can I deal with that? I did not find an option in freePNX menu to delete all call recordings older than eg 20 days.
Can I just go from time to time in folder /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and delete the older files ?

Thank you!


I’d don’t use call recording, but I would assume you can just make a daily cron job to delete all files in that folder older than 20 days. Of course, you would still want to monitor for low disk space in case usage is enough to fill up in < 20 days.

(Greece) #3

Thank you, so freePBX has no option to delete or manage all or many recordings? I have to do it from linux?

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

The paid commercial module, Recording Reports has features that tarballs old recordings for archival and purges.