Call recording format: ogg

(Fabio Moretti) #1

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a reason for FreePBX to not display the ogg format in the call recording format combo. Asterisk support it and it’s pretty good for saving space. Why it’s not possible to select it directly from FreePBX interface?

(Andrew Nagy) #2

It probably wasn’t an option when that setting was written 10 years ago.

(Fabio Moretti) #3

Yes, maybe it is, my doubt was if it’s “hidden” because unreliable o something like that.

Anyway, if someone wish to record in ogg format, adding this in extension_override_freepbx.conf does the trick:



(Dave Burgess) #4

Sounds like a good idea for an “Issues” ticket. If that’s really all it would take to make it work, then it could be a no-brainer…

(Sergey Lavrov) #5

In FreePBX 15 it works if added to extensions_custom.conf. Otherwise this setting is being overwritten with extensions_additional.conf.