Call Recording for All calls


Is it possible to enable call recording for all calls ? I know that we can enable call recording for extensions or using call recording module and define a routing for trunks and etc.
But there is any settings that admin enable it for recording all calls?
“I found same question before asked, but not any answer. So maybe in version 13 it be possible.”


Do you mean like one click and turn on recording for incomin/outgoing calls and for all extensions/ring groups etc

Yes one setting for all recordings.

As far as I know NO… Have to set it indivdually on trunks rig groups etc. what I did is set the incoming routes to force then exported all extensions using bulk handler and set call recording to force for all extensions and outbound routes all to force.

I think this is not a good solution. we can add mixmonitor in dialplan macro. But is there any reason that this is not in the feature list of FreePBX?

@xrobau do you have answer to this?

You could always submit a feature request

There’s no one click way to do it. I would suggest just turning it on on every extension. If you have more than 20 or so it would be quicker to write a script to do it.