Call recording file formats


I have a couple of questions:

On the FreePBX server, call records are saved in a .wav format which takes up more space than say an .mp3 format. Is it possible to change the default format? This leads onto the next question as FreePBX can save in multiple formats…

With the CRM module I can select to store recordings in the CRM server. When a recording is transferred by the CRM module, it either transfers a single file which is converted to 4 formats or transfers 4 files in the following formats: .m4a, .mp3, .ogg & .wav. Is there anyway to set it up to only create a .mp3 format file to reduce excessive space being used? I know I could setup a cron job to delete the other file types but wonder if it restricted at source.

James Knight

I handle this by converting the files myself and storing them in a format and location that makes it easier for the folks using my CRM system to find. The process is super-simple; it just takes a lot of time because I convert about 100,000 files a night.

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