Call Recording fails in recent stable distro release

I just installed the 64 bit Distro Stable-1.1010.210.63-3 from scratch. The only additions outside of the default installation have been adding the Aastra XML scripts and FOP2. Everything seems to work until I try to enable recording on inbound or outbound calls. If I leave recording set to “Don’t Care” then inbound and outbound calls work great.

For testing purposes I currently have a single DID aimed directly at an extension.

If I set Recording of Inbound External Calls to “Always” on this extension then inbound calls fail but outbound will still complete normally. The caller will hear ring, ring then busy.

If I enable recording for outbound external calls on this extension then outbound calls now will fail as well.

If I try to watch the call in the CLI on the console then the CLI will terminate immediately following the line “== Begin MixMonitor Recording SIP.”

I have tried the true and false settings in advanced settings for automixmon and I have also tried both xX and wW in dial commands options with no luck

I have also tried putting the recording settings to “Don’t Care” and just trying to manually trigger a recording by pressing *1 during a call and nothing appears to get recorded then either.

The toggle call recording feature is enabled and set to *1

Extension Recording Override is also set to Disabled.

I have a feeling that I am either missing some simple setting somewhere or maybe call recording is not working correctly in this version of the Distro.

The toggle call recording feature code is enabled and set to *1

I don’t know if this is a problem with the Distro or FreePBX and I am wondering if anyone might have an idea where might be a good place to start troubleshooting this.