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I’ve been using FreePBX 13 for couple of years and been doing conversion of call recordings to mp3 every nigh using one of the scripts floating around that I modified a little bit. Everything is working perfect including CDR playback and UCP playback. So now I started testing FreePBX 14 and I’m having some problems with CEL module. I found out that CEL module uses different table (cel) to store call details including name of recording file. So I added another mysql update to change this record on top of changing cdr table:

mysql -u root -s -N -D asteriskcdrdb<<<"UPDATE cel SET appdata='$year/$month/$day/$filenew.mp3,abi(LOCAL_MIXMON_ID),' WHERE appdata = '$year/$month/$day/$file,abi(LOCAL_MIXMON_ID),'"

It’s working fine for UCP “Call History” and “Call Events” widgets including downloading and playing back recording. But admin CEL module is not working corectly. It shows button for playing recording where normally it’s showing “Archived” text if file is missing but it can’t play recording in browser. Nothing happens when I click play in player. What am I missing?

OK I found the solution:

/var/www/html/admin/modules/cel/audio.php needs to be modified a little bit. This needs to be added after line 17:

case "mp3":

you will want to put in a feature request as editing a file will put up a security warning

Also checkout

fwconsole dbug -s

it should output the found file so you can see that it is getting it correctly.

Looks like @SotY did

Yes that was me :slight_smile:

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