Call Recording Control

Ring Groups have an option in FreePBX to record all calls. That’s pretty handy. Queues do not have such an option. So I attempted to use the Call recording control. It does not work as expected. Here is how i have it setup.

Inbound calls with DID 1000 are played a greeting then passed off to call flow control to determine if night mode is enable. If so I goes to a ring group and and call are recorded per that setting with no issue.

If not it goes to a recording control, with the appropriate queue as the destination, and proceeds to ring the members of the queue.

The recording control has two options (that apply)…

  1. Record Immediately - If selected a recording is generated for each queue member, and the one that answers obviously records the entire calls… but with 3 15 second unneeded recording.

  2. Record on Answer - No recordings are generated. I would expect a recording to be created as soon as a queue member answers the call… but this does not happen.

Any thoughts on what i’m missing?