Call Recording Button Beep - Possible to Change?


I have recently setup a button on the Sangoma S500s to toggle call recording as documented in the wiki page

This works great but I was wondering if it is possible to change the beep sound for a different recording.

For example, instead of 1 beep to notify recording is on I would like a quick pre-recorded message that says “Recording active”

Is this possible?


The beep is the “beep.codec” file from the system, so if you change that to (whatever), then sure. It’s probably something you’ll have to do from the console, though, since the system recordings can’t be overwritten from the GUI.

The beep recording is hard coded and would require a feature request to give users control of which file to play. You will note that it’s defined in context macro-one-touch-record in the file /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf, so you could use the overrride file to “fix” the macro for your purposes. Not something I would recommend unless you are comfortable diagnosing and fixing potential future issues if an upgrade breaks things.

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