Call Recording: Anyway to Auto Record Forwarded Calls


Newer to Freepbx. Is there anyway to autorecord all inbound calls that are then forwarded to another number? My system uses google voice numbers that are then forwarded to other endpoints/numbers. I need to be able to use the auto record feature for all calls that come inbound to the google voice number, forwarded to another number. Need to be able to record entire conversation for all of these calls.

Any help is appreciated!


Did you turn on call recording on the Inbound and Outbound Routes ? It should record everything…


Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to determine if it was able to do it before i spun it up. I read somewhere that maybe auto recording for forward lines wouldn’t work. Basically, I’m trying to spin up a google voice number and when inbound calls hit the google voice number, I need it to be forwarded to an outside number out of freepbx network and then record the entire conversation. I may just need to spin up an instance of freepbx and try it, but didn’t want to waste time if it wasn’t able to do what i needed.

Yes it can do it.

Because of the turmoil in Google Voice right now, spinning up a FreePBX instance to check this would probably be the waste of time you are concerned with.

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