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I recently got a recording saying " This call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes " how can i make it so that this announcement plays right before the call gets transferred to the user?

we currently have an IVR in place with 3 different options.

we are using FreePBX

You’re version is EOL, you need a plan in place to migrate to something supported.

You want an Announcement:

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Correct, but how can i make it so it can play right before it rings the users line?

Send the call yo an announcement and redirect it to wherever you need the call flow to go.

Are you wanting to have the caller dial an extension and then hear the monitor alert before transferring to the extension?

One way is to use a Queue as the extension and have the “Join Annc” play your discloser message.

If you need to keep the Extension numbers a custom Dialplan could be written to do what you need.

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