Call recording and transferred call recording not showing up in ARI


I have Record Incoming/Outgoing enabled for 2 extensions.

Ext 1 makes and establishes a call and blind xfers it to Ext 2 but I have a recording shown available for the Ext 1 part only. Is this the expected behaviour?

The recording is physically there, is it just the case that ARI doesn’t recognise it?

Recording file name is: 20100506-145916-1273154356.190.wav

ARI shows:

2010-05-06 14:59:16 167801452XXXXXX 167801452XXXXXX 1102 from-internal-xfer 4620 sec

but no linked recording.


What is the status on this, anyway? I know this is an old thread - I have been trying find any info on this I can.