Call recording and timestamp

Hello, i am a beginner with FreePBX or any IPBX based Asterisk

Presently, we used FreePBX in our organization, i install and configure it my self, we are very happy with this system, works great.

We try call recording with the IVR features, working great too

The features is need for some Office that are not on the same time zone, our FreePBX is hosted at a central local, and with have some office in different part of Canada

Some office need an IVR with Call Recording, presently the timestamp of recorded call is the system time of our system, is it possible that, for each IVR, to present a view with the timestamp of the office location?

For example, the manager of the Calgary office will see their recorded call with the local time, same for the Toronto Office

thanks for any advice

Maybe a cron job that periodically updates the file names on disk and in the associated CDR database records at the same time ?

Thanks for your time and your answer

i am not familiar but no problem i can make some search to find how to do that

but we need to have different timezone for different IVR, so i guess i can make one job by ivr?

as we have call all the day, if it’s the only way, i really need to have run with job few times by day as a manager can connect at any time during the day to listen some recording…

shame that we can’t create a custom view by access.

we already used the call recording reports addon

I understand that the call recording reports addon is not open source so you probably can’t go in there to add something like a drop-down combo-box of timezones, or include a javascript library that massages the column on display.

But I think your custom view idea has merit – just needs lots of code to make it happen. The data is all sitting on your system. If this is the only report that managers need to look at, then creating a separate parallel web page listening on an alternate port could be a workaround.

Or just install it in /var/www/html/parallel and add some credentialing. The webserver is Apache2, so there’s no reason to build an entire new hierarchy to fix it.

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