Call Recording after Transfer (AtXfer)


I know this has been asked plenty of times before, and apparently fixed in v2.10 (which I’m running), but we’re still getting nowhere.

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Basically, once we use attended transfer (specifically AtXfer command via manager) the call recording is stopped once the transfer is completed. We need to be able to continue recording the call until the call is completed.

In a bit more detail:

  • Ext SIP/201 dials mobile 0712345678

  • Mobile is answered and user has conversation with customer.

  • Ext SIP/201 starts attended transfer (AtXfer via FOP2 in this case) to an external supplier by dialling 0201234567

  • External supplier answers and user says I have customer X on the line and I’m transferring

  • SIP/201 hangs up, call transfers and call recording stops.

  • Customer has conversation with supplier and then eventually hangs up the call <- This is the bit we need to still have recorded.

  • SIP/201 has call recording to to Always for inbound / outbound calls

Is there a solution for this?


Oh, and Asterisk :slight_smile:


Also worth adding that this only happens when the original call was outbound. So if a call comes in and it is then taken through attended transfer, the whole segment is recorded (although the audio seems to be recorded on the original caller’s channel).

When the original call was outbound, then it seems the call transfer stops recording after bridging the call and audio is also recorded from the extension (SIP/201 in the example above).

So, my theory is that because the originator’s channel has been hang up after the transfer, the call recording stops instead of continuing. Is there a way to get it to continue recording?