Call Recording Admin

Hi FreePBX,

I’ve run into a small issue, we’ve recently updated an extremely old version of FreePBX.

Previously we were able to access the PBX dashboard and click a link which would take us to

This page would display all the call recordings across all extensions.

Update: It was called the ‘user control panel call monitor’

The above is the page I use to have access too (I can no longer see an icon for this page since upgrading to the latest version of FreePBX).

Since upgrading, we’ve lost this button, when visiting /recordings/index.php it displays the ‘User Control Panel’, apologies but I did do a search and couldn’t really find anything.

Is there a way to gain access to the panel which provides all recordings across all extensions?

Update: PBX Firmware:6.12.65-22

Starting in FreePBX 12, we’ve introduced the User Control Panel. This is the replacement to the old user control panel (ARI) you are used to. You can learn more about UCP on our wiki.