Call recording, access and permissions

Hello, i am a beginner with FreePBX or any IPBX based Asterisk

Presently, we used FreePBX in our organization, i install and configure it my self, we are very happy with this system, works great.

We try call recording with the IVR features, working great too

Presently, we have different IVR with recording enabled, one IVR by Office, we need to permit at one manager by office, to have access to the IVR call recording of this office

Example, the manager of the Toronto IVR need to see only call recording in Toronto.

Is it possible to have a kind of rbac or create custom view to be able to offer, by access/role, a view only on call recording of a specific IVR?

thanks for any advice

I don’t think so - at least, I can’t think of a way to do it.

This might be a good idea for a feature request. The thing you need to think about, though, is how you’d differentiate the different recordings for the IVRs. What drives a specific user/extension to a specific IVR? Right now, FreePBX operates with a largely unitary management interface, so setting something like this up might drive a lot of changes to the underlying paradigm for management of the system recordings.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that we can do this with VoiceMail, so it should be easy. The problem with that train of thought is that the VM module is separate from the other recording modules, so the code isn’t really reusable, and that each extension can be managed via the VM PIN, so there is a driving differentiator that lets this work.

It’s still not a bad suggestion. Think about how you’d like it to work from the perspective of the system (and not the end users) and either come back to discuss or submit it as a Feature Request.

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