Call queue

I need some pointers here, please. I have two analogue lines at the practice but the receptionist can only take one call at a time. While she is on Line 1, line 2 rings. I want to set up an IVR to take the second call and place it on a queue with message like “…all oour operators are busy at the moment …your call is important to us… please and we will answer your call very shortly…”. The call is then passed on to music on hold and periodically, another IVR is played “…we are still busy and we will attend to your call very shortly… please continue to hold…” and keeps being on hold till answered. Eventually, the reception picks up the call.

Not sure where to start. I know I will need to create a number of IVR but not sure what else.

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Using Trixbox 2.6 and a Digium TDM 400 card.


  1. Create a Ring Group for the operator and put the operator extension in it.
  2. Create the IVR’s you want
  3. make the Ring Group Destination the IVR

Usually we don’t put the user on hold, but using the ring group gives you a destination if the receptionist doesn’t pick up in the alotted time then you can let them search the directory, dial the ext, or go back to the operator.

thanks, mac. I understand the ring group and sending the ring group to the IVR. Do you know how I can get the operator to pick up the call while the caller is listening to the IVR (music on hold or queue message). I don’t want the caller to be searching through the directory or try to go back to operator before the operator is ready.


I believe Queues, but I have never used them. Although the flow would be when reception hangs up then the queue sends the call. Not the call is holding and reception goes and picks it.

Here is the setup: Main extension (receptionist): 201 Queue: 501 Ring group:601
First, set up an IVR, with 1 option pointed to the main extension unavailable voice mail.

Then set up a queue, 501.
Add static agent 201 and set up your join announcement recording, giving the caller the option to press 1 to leave a voice mail and point the IVR break out menu option to the IVR you just created.

Then set up a ring group, 601. Set the ring strategy to “firstnotonphone” and add extension 201 and 501# The # sign is needed on 501 since it’s a queue and not a “real” extension.

Set incoming calls to hit the ring group 601. The first incoming call will ring 201, the second will be routed to the queue since 201 is offhook…a very cool feature of the firstnotonphone ring group strategy is that this will work even if extension 201 has call waiting turned on.
As soon as extension 201 hangs up from the first incoming call, the queue will ring it.

Hope this helps,

Sorry, Mike. Never got back to you. Totally forgotten about my post till now. Problem not solved but something else came up and got side tracked. Will try your helpful suggestion over the next few weeks and get back to the forum. Thanks again.

Thanks Mike.
I did as you told and it works fine (it seems, I’ve to check many conditions).
I put the queue as destination for busy and unavailable state of the main extension.


Great work.

You may also check how to setup call queues in practice. This example is based on Ozeki Phone System XE: