Call quality/static

I have a 64 bit version of 6.12.65 installed an an intel NUC. It has a SSD HDD and has worked great for a while, supporting approx 20 extensions with maybe 3 or 4 concurrent calls. I now have a static/crackle issue, I have worked on my QoS settings prioritizing DSCP 46 and 26 to no avail, I have had this issue maybe a year ago and re-installing the PBX fixed it. The customer is getting frustrated and is telling me they want to move to another product. I feel like there is still hope. Any suggestions?

I had a static problem and it turned out to be a rogue device causing IRQ storms. Look for network traffic causing packet storms and look for other things that might cause the system to block interrupts.

Static on a digital line isn’t a problem on the line - it’s almost always a problem on the platform. The software is seldom, if ever, to blame. You might also consider replacing the SSDs, It’s plausible that they’ve reached their read/write cycle limit, especially if you record phone calls with them.

maybe I will just build another system with mechanical drives. Do you know if I can install the latest distro and restore from a backup of my current 6.12.65 distro?

As long as you match the system versions, backup and restore will work.

You can’t backup on one version and restore on another. It screws up the database.