Call Quality Issues

I have several FreePBX systems configured through FreePBX Hosting (CyberLynk). I have been having call quality issues almost form the start (over a year now). I have had issues with calls to POTS lines, fax machines, and even extension to extension (i.e. not using my SIP provider Telnyx). Cyberlynk keeps telling me that they see no issues but I have had audio issues even listening to system recordings on my extension. I have upgraded to bigger servers and recently build the largest virtual server they offer and with only 1 extension configured still had issues???

Anyone else using FreePBX hosting at Cyberlynk experiencing these issues? I have 0 packet loss between me and Cyberlink (my server) and my network is 75Mbps fiber Internet (Verizon FiOS) and <4ms response time to my servers. I have had issues with Grandstream GXW4008, Polycom VVX410, and Grandstram GXP2170 and I experience issues on multiple servers?

I am on FreePBX FreePBX Distro ‘VoIP Server’, and all my servers have the most recent patches applied to both the OS and the PBX. The issue appears to have really gone bad in the last month where call quality is terrible, almost unusable. I have about 100 customers on 5 servers with most customers (60) on 1 of the 5 servers and NONE of the servers ever have more than 2-3 simultaneous calls at any given time (I think the most was 3 ever)

.I have looked at SAR, and the freepbx statistics and even when call quality is bad there is at least 20% idle processor and plenty of RAM. I have noticed that while running TOP that when the call quality issues occur that there was always a PHP process running that pops to the top and looks lie its performing some calendar or other scheduling updates.

Anyone else running Cyberlynk? I was thinking of switching to amazon, anyone have freepbx amazon virtual services running? Am I wrong to expect crystal clear calls with 100+ Mbps fiber internet connections that have 0% packet loss to my servers IP?

My SIP provider (Telnyx) built a special MPLS network to amazon for VoIP services, I cant get cyberlynk to look into this even though they clam to have 40,000 freepbx users.Seems to me like that could be a good pairing for them. Suggestions?


Install MTR on your FreePBX instance

yum install -y mtr 

Then run it to the public IP of your network where the phones are.

mtr 123.456.789.000

watch the report and see if there are obvious issues.

if there are cancel it and run it agian in report mode to make it easy to copy/paste.

mtr -w 123.456.789.000

By default that runs for 10 pings. If you want more, add -c XX where XX = some number of pings. 300 would be about 5 minutes since it pings about 1 per second.

Edit: I’m currently troubleshooting a Vultr instance. Getting drops right outside their network.

You can also install it on a computer on site and run towards the PBX. If you need windows version:

Thanks for a quick reply. I failed to mention that I have phones all over the place on a dozen different networks. All are high speed fiber connections (75 or 100Mbps). I did significant testing from my location at 2AM while there was NO other activity on the server. For the duration of my call it was the only active call at the time. I even build a brand new cyberlink new server with 4 CPU, 8G ram and even with only 1 call active had audio quality issue while listening to system recordings. I said to Cyberlynk support that I should be able to have 1 call on a server without an issue and they agreed although they offered no solution to improving the quality. I ran the mtr command for 100 pings, nothing pops out to me.

@dvsatech definitely looks unlikely to be an issue with the connectivity.

This is the hard/fun part. Packet captures and CPU logging and disk I/O all at the same time trying to isolate.

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