Call Quality issue

I’m about to ask a somewhat generic question that I know will require more information to fully answer so bear with me :slight_smile:

We have noticed at times we get spotty call quality. At times the receiving voice comes in and out, and at other times the person called has a hard time hearing us. It doesn’t happen all of the time thankfully, and most of the time call quality isn’t an issue.

I first noticed this when I was uploading a big file from our network. Our PBX is in house so I assumed I was out of bandwidth. I checked out router (Netopia 3387) and it has QOS turned on for the IP address of our PBX so I’m surprised that it was affected so severely by network traffic, but oh well.

My question is whether or not there are settings in FreePBX to optimize for call quality or if it is totally dependent on our network. The box we have the PBX running on has 512mb of ram and I noticed that memory usage ranges from 94-99%. I’ve read other posts saying that this is normal and that since the disk swap is at 0% we should be fine. The processor is a 1.7 Celeron.

The version that is installed is Trixbox CE ver I believe the FreePBX version it’s running is 2.4.

If anyone has any general advice about things I could try I’d appreciate it.


QOS is a great thing but will only work if you have it setup to do QOS for the whole network and everything on that network supports it. Also realize that unless your provider is also doing QOS (and you’d be paying for it) all the way through on his end it becomes useless the moment it hits the other side of your circuit.

So it then becomes the standard issue of you can’t put 10 pounds of xxxx in a 5 pound bucket.

You don’t say what kind of circuit it is symmetrical or asymmetrical. if it is asymmetrical then that can become a issue quickly as the outgoing pipe is just smaller then the incoming one.

Also you’ll start to notice problems the moment you hit more the 80% bandwidth utilization anyway as voice packets are time sensitive and have to get there before they are needed or it doesn’t work.