Call Progress Tone issue


I’m using an IAX2 trunk from Teliax. I’ve got both inbound and outbound calling working. However, inbound calling has an issue.

When an caller calls the DID associated with that IAX2 trunk, I’m sending it to a ring group. However, the caller receives no ‘call progress tones’ (ringing) and may very well think the call is not going through. However, if the line is picked up, a conversation can be had without issue.

Now here’s the real rub - when I switch the option “Play Music On Hold” choice to ‘default’ from ‘Ring’ - the caller hears the MOH music until the call is picked up.

For now I’ve got the caller listening to music as the call goes through, but I’d much rather have the standard ringing noise get produced.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Does anyone has any ideas to the above problem?