Call pickup wrong callerid (right caller id briefly)

Hello Experts ! :slightly_smiling:

I’m facing a problem when picking up a call from blf or with feature code ** the displayed caller ID won’t change to the outside caller ID .
I’m using snom 720 phones and I’ve setup trustrpid=yes and sendrpid=pai
so the scenario is as follows :

  1. a call rings in ext a (412)
  2. ext b picks up (**412)
  3. ext b’s display shows the right caller id and then instantly switches the caller id to the name and number of ext a (e.g. Simon 412)

I’ve also tried setting =>advance settings => sendrpid=pia / yes in advanced settings

  • I’ve also tried adding :

any input / Help is much appreciated.

cross reference to jira ticket: