Call pickup with CID info


Does anyone know how can I do a call pickup and get the CID info? I mean that if I pickup a call I don’t know how is calling. I’m using aastra telephones and I don’t know if it is asterisk who has to pass the information or is the telephone.

I saw that someone sells a module that can do that, but it doesn’t exist a free way??

I also have another issue related with that. When I pickup a call a missing call is displayed on the original extension. I know that I can configure the telephone to ignore the missing calls, but I want this information when it’s a real missing call.

Any ideas?


To a Aastra Phone any call that rings on it and does not get answered by that phone is considered a missed call. That’s the way it is.

I can’t tell you how many times a month I get that complaint. A missed call is a missed call on the particular phone, even though it may have been handled by call pickup, que, or follow me, etc.

You may be able to simulate the call pickup you wish by creating a ring group with only the primary extension in it, having it fail to a ring group that has all of the secondary extensions in it, then having that fail to the unavailable voicemail of the primary extension.

Hope that makes sense.