Call pickup troubles

FreePBX 15. This install is in a small school.
At lunchtime, the Secretary goes downstairs to serve lunch.
The Principal would like to pick up the Secretary’s extension when it rings.
Principal is x301, Secretary is x300.
I told the principal to dial **300. Nothing
I built a pickup group named “Office”, put both extensions in it and told her to dial *8. Nothing.
Any other ideas?

What does it say in the freePBX extension settings at “Pickup Group”? In my case it says “1” for all extensions.

Office. New versions allow names, not just numbers.

Office should be in both the Call Groups and Pickup Groups for both extensions.
If it still doesn’t work, check that the device isn’t intercepting * codes. For example, do *65 (say extension number) and *43 (echo test) work properly?

If the device supports it, a BLF key is a better solution. When the secretary’s phone is ringing, the key will be rapidly flashing and pressing it will pick up the call. The key will also show when the phone is in use and can also be pressed to call the extension.

Thanks for the help! I found the issue. The principal wasn’t pressing the “SEND” key, so the call would time out ang go to VMail before her phone decided to dial.
That’s the most annoying thing of IP phones after coming off of a key system.

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