Call Pickup Trouble

I am having a problem with Call Pickup. I have a SPA508G phone and I programmed the second line button for Busy Lamp Field, Call Pickup, and Speeddial for another extension.

The Busy Lamp Field, and Speed Dial functions work; the call pickup function does not. When I try to pickup a call that is ringing on the other extension, my phone tries to dial *98. If I look in the phone’s configuration utility, *98 is the default value for Blind Transfer Code. If I look at the feature code list in Asterisk, which feature should I set to *98? I tried a few of them and I receive “invalid number” and other errors on my phone when I try to pickup the call.

I am using the latest version of FreePBX Distro.

I was able to resolve the issue by setting the “Attendant Console Call Pickup Code” to *8 and putting both extensions in the same call group and pickup group. Now, I can pick up incoming calls on the other extension!

Set the code to “**” as I had mentioned in my previous post:

*8 is not correct

Using ** will allow you to pickup the correct ringing extension not just any extension in your pickup group as *8 does.

If I set the “Attendant Console Call Pickup Code” to “**” I cannot pickup the call. I receive an “invalid number” error on the phone. “*8” works fine. Keep in mind, I have my line button set to call pickup for a specific extension, so I should only be picking up calls to that extension, not the whole pickup group.

The code for directed call pickup is **ext number unless you have changed the default.

The program in the SPA prepends the ** to the speed dial of the position and sends that string if the BLF is in ringing state.

I assume you have notify ringing set in your sip settings? You also want notify hold set.

I did that and whey I try to pickup the call on my phone, it says “Invalid Number”.

Leave the directed pickup code at ‘**’ inside FreePBX. You need to go to the “expansion module” tab in the phone (even if you don’t have one) choose Asterisk and set the code to **