Call pickup results in lost channel?

I have this random issue where when doing a directed call pickup using **ext on a ring group results in hanging up the call. Previously I had the feature code set to the default ** I then changed it to *** neither seem to work consistently. Basically I have a inbound route that goes to a IVR from the IVR the user selects an option to goto a specific ring group. If I attempt to pickup the call off of the ring group (or directly from the extension) the call will drop. I also tried to setup a pickup group and even using *8 this fails. Any ideas? (if I need to post any additional information please let me know)

For some reason I cannot post all of my output here (cannot mention more than 2 users in a post??)… and I cant paste a link in being a new member I am trying to find a way to get a link in here…

I pasted the call at

pastebin dot com / QZP56ScN

In the example I am calling inbound from an cell phone to the IVR, selecting the option for the ring group which rings ext. 99999. Then I attempt to do a directed call pickup on the ring group (2002) from extension 8888 using the ***2002, Even if I try to pickup the extension directly it still results in the same error. This happens from any extension off the pbx all are registered fine and have no other issues - all other functions work as expected except call pickup.

I’m starting to wonder if this is a networking issue or not, but I have other freepbx systems with the exact network layout and settings and have no issuess… really scratching my head here.

It appears i can dcpickup on a local call eg call ext 100 or even a ring group and then pickup the call from another phone using the feature code for directed call pickup, however only external calls fail and they simply drop the call…