Call Pickup Problem


I have just came across either a feature that I was not aware of or a bug.

My Scenario:

Call comes into extension 3000 which is on an immediate forward to ring group 3001. Ring Group 3001 has 3002 as a member.

Ignore CF Settings, Skip Busy Agent and Enable Call Pickup is enabled.

Someone rings 3000 which gets passed through to 3002 however when I do **3002 the call does not pickup

[2013-07-03 12:24:50] NOTICE[25421]: app_directed_pickup.c:296 pickup_exec: No target channel found for 3002.

If I do **3000 or **3001 the call gets picked up however in my situation here I need to be able to directly pickup the extensions as it’s not easy to know whether the call has came through the ring group or someone has dialed 3002 directly.

Can anyone advise on this please?

Should add that I’m running FreePBX

Make sure that under extension settings for 3002 that “callgroup” is set (any #) and that under the extension settings for the extension you are trying to pickup from the “pickupgroup” has the # from 3002’s “callgroup” setting

Then call pickup should work.

Fantastic! - It works

Thank you