Call Pickup issue


FreePBX 12.0.76
Firmware 6.12.65-28

We’ve deployed a system with apx 60 phones. I’m trying to figure out a way how to answer a call directed to 1101 from 1102.

So when an outside party called office main number, reaches an IVR and enters extension 1101 -I’d like to have 1102 have the capability of answering that call. I tried *81101 and **1101 from 1102 but no luck.

-I do have some commercial modules installed. EPM and COS (plus more which I don’t think are causing this issue)
-Both 1101 and 1102 are in the same COS and have feature codes ** and *8 allowed.

Any suggestions?

Did you set a number fo example “1” for “Call Groups” and “Pickup Groups” in extentions of these numbers?

Yes. Both extensions have a number 1 in Call Groups and in Pickup Groups.

in Admin Menu, choose “Feature Code Admin”.

İn there, under “Core” “Asterisk General Call Pickup” must be enabled and set to *8 and “Directed Call Pickup” must be enabeld and set to **.
if it is like that, when you hear 1101 rings, with the exten 1102 dial

it works in our freepbx.

That’s the exact settings I have but it’s not working for me.

Anyone else?