Call pickup group problem (with *8)

Hi, I have some problems with the CALL PICKUP GROUP. I want to describe what’s the situation: I have 3 extension, called 150, 597, 598. I’ve inserted these into the same call pickup group by inserting the following lines into the extension configuration (using the freepbx interface):


After that, I’ve controlled into the FEATURE CODES section if the code for the pickup group is avalaible: everything is ok!
I’ve checked also the configuration files called sip_additional.conf and features.conf, where there’re the extensions and pickup call group configuration.

So, I think that everything is all right and I try to pickup a call. From 150 I call 597 and fron 598 I try to pickup the call by digiting *8. After that, 597 stop to ring and the call is transfered to 598, but:

1)150 doesn’t stop the ringing;
2)from 598 the users can’t listen anything.

What happens? I don’t understand what I’m wrong.
Please, if you want, help me!
Thanks so much.

See you later.


Please only post once. When you are not sure the proper place is in the users section.

Otherwise you’ll start betting multiple set’s of directions from different groups and things can easily become worse.

Did you get this problem solved ?