Call-Pickup don't see the external Nr

Please i need little help

Call-Pickup don’t see the external Nr. - Freepbx Version 13 - Phone Snom

  • If someone calls me, so I see his complete fon Nr.
  • If my call is taken from a pickup (other persons phone)
    so this person only see my internal number, and the
    external nr is suppressed.

thanks for your Help

Whats your “Send RPID” set to?

SIP sendrpid = “NO”

I forgot something to mention, sorry, the number Problem that i write here are only on Reception-Desk, phone.
The Reception has Register two Nr. “Personal/Company Central Nr.” on his Phone. If the Reception will pickup any internal Call, she don’t see the external Phone Nr. She see only the internal Nr that had picked up.

all other Phones are running correct. After check the Individual Settings from the phone i don’t see here any differenses. Also Firmware are the same.

Thanks for your Help

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