Call Parking Questions?

I am using FreePBX Distro with Grandstream GXP 2130v2 IP Phones.

My parking lot extension is 70 and I have 8 slots (71-78).

When I transfer a call to the parking lot by transferring to extension 70, the call transfers to the parking lot, but it does not announce to the transferring extension which parking slot it sent the call to so that they can tell the person which parking slot to dial to pick the call up.

That is normal for a “blind” transfer. To hear the slot you’ll need to do an “Attended” transfer.

Ok so how do I perform an attended transfer to the parking lot so that the transferring caller can hear the announcement of what parking slot the call is going to? If I try to transfer to *270, it fails… am I missing something?

Attended is usually ##

So ##70