Call parking problem

We just upgraded to FreePBX 15 from 13 a little over a week ago. Generally, things have been working well and I’m trying to iron out some small issues.

The biggest issue we’re having once in a while is when an outside call comes in, the receptionist puts them on hold. The outsider is on hold and hears the music. But when the receptionist comes back and tries to pick up the parked call, the receptionist hears the on-old music. Eventually the outside caller will hang up and call back in.

Any ideas?

To be clear, in Asterisk and FreePBX, these are wildly different things and shouldn’t be conflated like this.

If the call is on-hold, the receptionist should be able to pick it back up from hold. If the call is parked, she should be retrieving it from the parking lot, which is an entirely different set of steps. To help us help you, please provide a log snippet where the receptionist “parks” the call and then show us where the pick-up is happening.

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