Call Parking Problem

I’ve run into a strange call parking problem.

I’ve set the call parking timeout to 75 seconds. This should return the call to the extension from which it was parked 75 seconds after
it was parked. Now Here’s the problem:

After 75 Seconds, instead of the call returning, the caller who was parked hears “71” or whichever slot slot number upon which the call was parked. Then, from looking at the logs, it appears the call is re-parked.

I haven’t had time to fully test this, but it appears parking works properly after a reboot, but the failure begins to occur several hours after the reboot.

Sounds like something is getting corrupted, or maybe a buffer or something is getting full. Anyone have any Ideas?

Bill Ford
Vicksburg, MS

In the log file there should be lines

Parked … Will timeout back to extension … in … seconds


Timeout for … parked on … Returning to …

Where … is variable text.

Could you please post the lines from apporx. 10 lines above the first one to approx. 10 lines below the last one?

For the parked call which gets reparked?