Call parking problem on Polycom VVX

‎I am configuring Call Park / Unpark on VVX400 extension keys. I am trying to achieve what I have seen referred to as “Valet Parking”. Meaning – label extension keys for each parking slot and be able to park an active call in that slot, BLF lights, then retrieve call by pushing that same key I have followed Polycom’s"Engineering Advisory 62475 - Using Statically Configured Busy Lamp Field".

I initially posted this on Polycom’s community and was told to contact my phone reseller for support. I contacted the resellers tech support department. They reviewed my VVX config files and found no problem. They felt that this is an Asterisk compatibility problem and suggested that I post here.

Details of my configuration are:
• Polycom UC Software Release 5.2.0
• FreePBX (12.0.36), Asterisk (11.15.0)
• I am using the default FreePBX parking lot (70) with slots 71 – 74.
• For each parking slot I have the following in the phones .cfg files:

resourceList.10.address=sip:[email protected]
resourceList.10.label="Park 71"
repeat above for each slot

I have run into two problems that I can’t resolve:

1.Can’t unpark a parked call with the line key. For example:

a. The user has an active call.
b. User parks call by pressing “Park 71” key.
c. Call is moved to parking slot 71, BLF next to “Park 71” key illuminates and, red dot appears on “Park 71” icon.
d. Any user that attempts to retrieve the parked call by pressing the illuminated “Park 71” key receives dial tone and the parked call is unaffected.

Some notes:
• I am also evaluating some Cisco phones and this single key “Valet Parking” works fine. So I don’t think this is an Asterisk limitation or configuration problem.
• The parked call can be retrieved by dialing 71, or *271.
• Strange Asterisk Restart Behavior: If Asterisk is restarted Valet Parking works! Parked calls can be unparked using the “Park XX” key until the VVX is rebooted (or does its periodic config update). The BLF does not illuminate during this period. Or if I turn off “Parking Hints” (or “BLF Capabilities” in the FreePBX Commercial Parking Module) - Valet parking works. There is no BLF of course.

• FreePBX support worked on this (by SSH) for an hour with no luck. Basically found that the VVX was not sending any SIP requests during the un park key press. He spent most of the hour trying various VVX config changes with no effect.

2.If a user parks a call in a taken slot (BLF already illuminated). The active call is dropped (not acceptable). How can this behavior be changed to something like placing the active call on hold?

I have several posts here on this subject but have not been able to fix this problem.

Any suggestions are welcome.


In case anyone stumbles across this, here is a solution:

Endpoint Manager - Polycom - Valet Parking works with button type "automata" - Commercial Modules - FreePBX Community Forums