Call Parking Orphaned Calls

When I specify a destination for a orphaned park call, it always returns to the phone that parked the call regardless of the destination selection:

Version FreePBX with ast 1.14 on centos5. parking lot version

-- <SIP/4307-08e09eb0> Playing 'pbx-transfer' (language 'en')
-- Stopped music on hold on SIP/4308-08d1afc0
-- Started music on hold, class 'default', on SIP/4308-08d1afc0

== Parked SIP/4308-08d1afc0 on [email protected] Will timeout back to extension [from-internal] 4307, 1 in 45 seconds
– <SIP/4307-08e09eb0> Playing ‘digits/4’ (language ‘en’)

if I’m not mistaken, the tool tip should clarify this. Orphaned calls are calls that can not make it back to the phone that originally parked them. The nature of the parking feature inside of Asterisk is that it will always first try the phone that parked the call and only if it can’t reach it will it go to the orphaned call destination.

Thanks for your reply (and contributions to a great product).

I only asked because if the parked call goes unanswered, it rings back to the phone that parked the call and keeps ringing. Reading the tip, I understood it to mean in the call goes unanswered, it would continue to the orphaned destination. In our production environment, that is exactly what happens. The person who parked the calls becomes distracted on route to their phone to retrieve the call and the call starts ringing back to the extension where the call was parked and no one is there and no one knows the phone is ringing. The caller gets stuck an is forced to hang up and call back.

This is the extract from the tip. In this case this would be analogous of the parker ignoring the call.

The more useful part of this module is to specify a destination for
parked calls that get orphaned. This can occur if the call is not
picked up and for some reason the original parker can not be reached.
(e.g. the original parker is on the phone and does not have call
waiting or ignores it).

unfortunately the control to do much more with parking is within asterisk and requires patching asterisk to make further changes. If I’m not mistaking, if you have your phone eventually reject a call after ringing for some amount of time (settable on many sip phones) then it would eventually find its way to the orphaned destination but as long as the device is willing to ring it will try to ring that device - the dial command that the parking initiates does not provide a default timeout, I don’t think.

I am getting a message.

There are 1 bad destinations DEST STATUS: ORPHAN


This is what I have:

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.2

Webmin version 1.420

FreePBX Base Version: 2.5.1
FreePBX Framework Version:
FreePBX Core Version:

Asterisk (Ver.

  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Zaptel Source Version :
  • Libpri Source Version : 1.4.7
  • Addons Source Version : 1.4.7


Digium Wildcard 4-port TDM PCI TDM410P

Grandstream phones: Product Model: GXP2000 (HW1.2B)
Software Version: Program-- Bootloader--