Call parking directly to 71

Hello all!

I am trying to setup a parking lot where I can park a call directly to the parking spot. I see the following already in the configs:

exten => 71,1,Answer
exten => 71,n,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=“71”)
exten => 71,n,Park
exten => 71,n,hangup

exten => 72,1,Answer
exten => 72,n,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=“72”)
exten => 72,n,Park
exten => 72,n,hangup

exten => 73,1,Answer
exten => 73,n,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=“73”)
exten => 73,n,Park
exten => 73,n,hangup

exten => 74,1,Answer
exten => 74,n,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=“74”)
exten => 74,n,Park
exten => 74,n,hangup

But every time I try to transfer I get “I’m sorry there a no callers parked here”

Any ideas?

Last I knew this was not possible in Asterisk. You park to 70 which then picks 71-74 in your example.

I read it on here:

But all that appears to already be in the configs. Have any other ideas or guidance?